AJSD Volume 6 Number 1 | 2016

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the current issue of the African Journal of Sustainable Development (AJSD, Volume 6 Number 1, 2016). Just like the Biblical mustard seed, the AJSD has become a reputable and visible journal. The Journal has also continued to grow in scope, readership, and subscription. This current edition, which is the first release for 2016, has 14 research papers covering various issues in sustainable development, including governance, politics and electioneering; communications and social media; education, health and human capital development; agriculture and forestry; energy and infrastructure; gender; and entrepreneurship.

In view of the increasing level of subscriptions, and the bid to accommodate more papers from contributors, the Editorial Team has resolved to publish three issues of the journal each year (that is, March, July and November), starting from 2016. This is the first issue for 2016 (that is, Volume 6, Number 1). The second issue (Volume 6, Number 2) would be released in July 2016. The third issue of the Journal would be Volume 6, Number 3, November 2016. The third issue would be referred to as Special Edition. It would consider only papers that are presented at our annual Ibadan Sustainable Development Summit (ISDS).

As always, we are grateful to our esteemed reviewers for their supports in ensuring timely review of the manuscripts, enhancing the quality of the Journal, and developing the capacity of the contributors through their valuable comments. The contributions of the authors to sustaining the Journal is much appreciated.

Click on the respective link below to download a pdf copy of each chapter of this publication

Order of Paper

Sustainable Development in Pre-Colonial, Colonial, and Post-Colonial Africa: Issues and Contexts   Olopade C.O. & N. Kara  1 Olopade and Nur Kara

Actualizing Effectual Citizens’ Engagement in the Nigerian Electoral Process: An Opinion Survey (1999-2011)   Igiebor G.O. & D.A. Tonwe  2 Igiebor  

Local Government Administration and Communal Clashes in Nigeria Ojeme Chukwuka Emmanuel  3 Chukwa Ojeme

Paradigm Shift: Youth Engagement in the Conduct of the 2015 Elections in Nigeria Osumah Oarhe 4 OSUMAH  

The New Social Media and Consolidation of Democracy in Nigeria: Uses, Potentials and Challenges    Ajayi A.I. & S.A. Adesote  5 Ajayi & Sola adegboyega

Human Capital Development in Western Region, Nigeria, 1955-1968   Olaniyi Rasheed Oyewole  6 Olaniyi  

Export Potential of Nigerian Horticultural Fruits Industry   Badmus M.A & A.O. Olufolaji  7 Badmus

Production of Citric Acid from Solid State Fermentation of Sugarcane Waste using Aspergillus Niger and Indigenous Sugarcane Microflora    Okareh O.T. O.D. Enesi & R. Olawoyin  8 Okareh & Enesi

Improvement Design of an Existing Atomized Kerosene Stove for Better Performance  Fasogbon S.K, S.O. Ogundola, A.A Aderibigbe &A.D. Ogunsola    9 Fashogbon et al

Building Resilience in Nigeria’s Energy Sector for Sustainable Development     Fasogbon S.K. & A.A. Dare  10 Fasogbon and Dare

Gender, Small Scale Industrial Development and Poverty Reduction in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District (AEED) in the Central Region of Ghana Akosewine Francis A.  11 Francis Akosewine

Influence of Extension Education on Household Adoption of Forestry Conservation Practices in South Eastern Nigeria Onyema M.C. & I.O. Azeez  12 Onyema and Azeez

Adolescents’ Interaction with Wildlands in Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos and the Development of Interest towards Conservation Kola-Olusanya Anthony  13 Kola-Olusanya

Health-Sector Performance in Post-Independent Nigeria: A Comparative Impact Analysis of Two Regimes     Ohioze W.F & I.U. Uwazie  14 Ohioze