AJSD Volume 4 Number 3 | 2014

This Special Issue (Volume 4 Number 3, 2014) of the African Journal of Sustainable Development (AJSD) is published in collaboration with the consortium on Education for Sustainable Development in Africa (ESDA) which is facilitated by the United Nations University (UNU).

The ESDA consortium is based on UNU’s network with higher education institutions in Africa. The consortium is promoted by three programmes, which are: Sustainable Integrated Rural Development in Africa (SIRDA); Sustainable Urban Development (SUD); and the Management of Mineral Resources (MMR). The programmes are implemented by the members of the African partner universities as well as cooperating and supporting universities and organizations from Africa, Asia and Europe, including UNESCO, UNEP and UN-HABITAT as well as selected Japanese and Northern European universities.

All the papers in this special edition are contributed by members of the ESDA consortium, including the Next Generation of Researchers (NGRs) from Africa and Asia, as reflected by the affiliation of contributors. This special issue contains 12 papers of researches conducted in Africa. The papers address various aspects of sustainable development education in African countries with specific sectoral case studies on higher education, information and communicational technology, partnerships, governance, urbanization, eco-tourism, mining and the extractive industry.

We are always grateful to the contributors for the opportunity to share their research work on sustainable development education in Africa through the AJSD. We sincerely appreciate the reviewers, collaborators and patrons. Our profound appreciation goes to the United Nations University, and John D. and Catherine MacArthur Foundation for providing financial support for the publication of this Special Issue.

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Order of Paper

The Role of Higher Education for Sustainable Development in Africa    Mutisya E. & M. Nagao 1.MUTISYA

The Role of Higher Education in Building a Sustainable African Society      Nyerere J., O. Mfune, D. Fuh, N. Sulemana, E. Mutisya, G. Yiran, O. Fadairo, J. Ameyaw, A. Odingo  2. NYERERE

Evolving Approaches to University Education in Africa: Recent Examples from Ghana Kranjac-Berisavljevic G. & R. Abaidoo  3.BERISLAVRJIC

Critical Needs of African Universities: A Shared African-Japanese Perspective    Gyasi E.A. & Y. Kusakari 4. GYASI 

Collaborative ICT-supported Learning for Sustainable Development                                                    Bjorke Sven Ake 5. AKE 1

Learning to Solve Africa’s Problems by Africans: Innovations for Addressing the Canker of Corruption    Odingo A., O. Fadairo, J. Ameyaw, G. Yiran, E. Mutisya, O. Mfune, D. Fuh, J. Nyerere, N. Sulemana  6. ODINGO

Socio-Cultural Issues for Sustainable Development in Africa      Olawoye J.E. & C. Wrigley 7. OLAWOYE

Maximising on Strategic Partnerships for Eradicating Slums and Human Deprivation in Kenya’s Cities           Waswa F. & E. Mutisya 8. WASWA

Urbanization Challenges in Poor Slum Areas of Nairobi and the Role of Sustainability Science in Seeking Practical Solutions           Mugenda O.M. & J.N. Muriuki 9. MUGENDA

Prospects for Urban Eco-Tourism in Nairobi, Kenya: Experiences from the Karura Forest Reserve         Mbatia T.W. & S. Owuor 10. MBATIA

Africa’s Mining Sector Development: An Industry Perspective                                                           Bullock S. & F. Petersen  11. BULLOCK

Contribution of the Minerals Industry towards Sustainable Development in South Africa             Broadhurst J.L., J.P. Franzidis & B. Cohen    12. BROADHURST