AJSD Volume 4 Number 2 | 2014

This edition of the Journal contains 12 peer-reviewed papers. The papers cover various aspects of sustainable development including, micro-financing, political economy, education, local empowerment, leadership and gender issues, natural resources management, and environmental sustainability. The researches were conducted in Nigeria, Kenya, and the United States of America.

We received many manuscripts, both solicited and unsolicited. Some of the papers were presented at the fourth annual Ibadan Sustainable Development Summit (ISDS) held in August 2013. The review process was thorough and all contributors were involved. The current rejection rate is 20 percent (that is, one out of every five manuscripts submitted for consideration was rejected). We hope to sustain the standard and quality of the Journal.

Again, we like to thank the contributors for the opportunity to share their research work in sustainable development issues through the AJSD. To our reviewers, collaborators and patrons, especially the financial support of the John D. and Catherine MacArthur Foundation, we say



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Order of Paper

Liberalisation of Trade in Health Services and the Implication for Africa’s Health System   Olaniyan O., A. S. Bankole, O.A. Oyeranti & J.S. Afaha  1. OLANIYAN VOL.4

Perception, Knowledge Level and Barriers to Reproductive Behaviour among Community Women in Local Government Areas (LGAS) of Oyo State, Nigeria    Olajide, O. E & A.A. Omokhabi 2. OLAJIDE VOL. No. 2

Prevalence of skin infections and hygiene practices among Pupils in selected Public Primary Schools in Ibadan, Nigeria Morakinyo O.M., G.R.E.E. Ana & E.O. Oloruntoba. 3. MORAKINYO VOL.4 No.2

Knowledge, Perception and Control Practices of Malaria Vector among caregivers of under-five children in Selected Rural Communities in Ibadan, Nigeria Adebisi A.K., E.O. Oloruntoba, G.R.E.E. Ana T.K. Ibrahim,  J.O. Akinyemi, I.O. Ajayi, A.G. Falusi, E. A. Bamgboye 4. ADEBISI VOL.4 No 2

Determinants of Phd Completion Time at the University of Ibadan  Olusanya E.O. & D. Olusoji 5. OLUBUSOYE VOL.4

Spatial Modelling of Road Traffic Accidents in Oyo State of Nigeria    Korter, G.O., O.E., Olubusoye & A.A. Salisu  6. KORTER

Modelling of Box Type Solar Cooker Performance in a Tropical Environment  Aremu A.K. & J.C. Igbeka 7. AREMU VOL.4

Towards Improving Local Government Administration on the Rural Poor in Nigeria: The Role of Women and Private Media    Adebisi J. A & A. A. Ademola 8. ADEBISI VOL.4

Perceived Effectiveness of Community-Driven Development Approach of Community and Social Development Project (CSDP) in Oyo State, Nigeria Fadairo O.S & I.E. Obabire  9. FADAIRO VOL.4

Oil and Gas Production, Environmental Health and Livelihood Vulnerability in the West Coast of Ghana   Asaah S.M., B.A. Kpieta & E. Owusu-Sekyere 10. MOHAMMED VOL.4

The Impact of the Oil and Gas Industries on Sustainable Development in Nigeria’s Niger Delta Region N.E.S. Lale, E.S. Udo & G.R. Ana  11. LALE VOL. 4 No. 2

Application of the Water Vulnerability Index in Oke-Ogun region, Nigeria  Oloukoi Grace  12. OLOUKOI VOL.4 No. 2

Environmental Impact Assessment of Selected Sawmills in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria  Onefeli, A.O., O.Y. Ogunsanwo, T..L.Oluwayomi, M.O.O. Isese, I.B. Chenge and K.E. Okon 13. ONEFELI, OGUNSANWO et al. VOL.4 No. 2                                                  

Comparative assessment of Pathological Condition of Selected Mahogany Trees Onefeli, A.O., O. Jegede, F. Oyedeji, F. Adegoke, A.O. Adegeye, &  S.O. Jimoh

14. ONEFELI, JEGEDE et al. VOL. 4 No. 2