AJSD Volume 4 Number 1 | 2014

This edition of the Journal contains 12 peer-reviewed papers. The papers cover various aspects of sustainable development including, micro-financing, political economy, education, local empowerment, leadership and gender issues, natural resources management, and environmental sustainability. The researches were conducted in Nigeria, Kenya, and the United States of America.

We received many manuscripts, both solicited and unsolicited. Some of the papers were presented at the fourth annual Ibadan Sustainable Development Summit (ISDS) held in August 2013. The review process was thorough and all contributors were involved. The current rejection rate is 20 percent (that is, one out of every five manuscripts submitted for consideration was rejected). We hope to sustain the standard and quality of the Journal.

Again, we like to thank the contributors for the opportunity to share their research work in sustainable development issues through the AJSD. To our reviewers, collaborators and patrons, especially the financial support of the John D. and Catherine MacArthur Foundation, we say



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Order of Paper

Microfinance for the Urban Bottom of the Pyramid Segment in Nairobi’s Kibera Slum in Kenya: Does Financial Training Impact on sustainable Urban Development?  Mutisya E. & M. Yarime 1 MUTISYA VOL.4

Nigeria and the Political Economy of Underdevelopment: Focus on Selected Issues Yagboyaju Dhikru Adewale 2 YAGBOYAJU

Relationship between Teacher Attributes and the Use of ICT Facilities in the Language Classrooms in Osun State, Nigeria  Labo-Popoola S. Olubunmi 3 LABO-POPOOLA

Community Participation and Project Sustainability in Rural Nigeria: A Study of Bauchi State Local Empowerment and Environmental Management Project  Abdullahi M. B., A. Ahmed & I. Sale 4 ABDULLAHI VOL.4

Indigenous People, Leadership and Development: The Role of Chieftaincy Institution in the Development of Ghana  Edusah S. E. & E. Osei-Tutu 77  5 EDUSAH VOL. 4

Street Sweeping in Ibadan: Urbanising Yoruba Traditional Environmental Sanitation Practice. Wahab B. & O. Kehinde 6 WAHAB VOL.4

Towards Eradicating the Victimization of Women in Infertile Marriages in South-Western Nigeria: A Case for Gender Emancipation.  Adebayo Anthony Abayomi 7 ADEBAYO VOL.4

Effectiveness of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Strategies towards Feeling of Safety Sustainability in Osogbo, Nigeria  Badiora Adewumi Israel Contents  8 BADIORA VOL.4

Factors Contributing to Use of Biomass as Domestic Fuel and Options for Efficient and Sustainable Usage in Nigeria    Babalola F. D., E.E. Opii & A.O. Oso  9 BABALOLA VOL.4

Contributions of Guinean Pepper (Piper Guineense Schum & Thonn) Trade to Sustainable Rural Livelihood in Southwestern Nigeria.   Oladele A.T. & L. Popoola  10 OLADELE VOL.4

Environmentally Sustainable Occupational Exposure to Nanoparticles: A Pilot Study of Prevalence Symptoms and Truck Drivers Exposure to Diesel Ultrafine Particles.  Oluwoye J. O. & M. Curley  11 OLUWOYE VOL.4

Heavy Metals Speciation in Dust Samples from Various Parts of Ebonyi State, Nigeria    Omaka O.N., I.F. Offor & R.C. Ehiri  12 OMAKA VOL.4

Indoor Environmental Conditions and Sanitary Practices in Selected Daycare Centres in Ibadan, Nigeria.   Zainab O.U. & G.R.E.E. ANA  13 UMAR VOL. 4