AJSD Volume 7 Number 2 | 2017

It is our pleasure to announce the publication of the Volume 7 number 2 of the African Journal of Sustainable of Development. In this edition, we have published a total of fifteen interesting articles from diverse subjects ranging from economics, sociology, biodiversity, energy, waste management and climate change. A central theme of all the articles is sustainable development.

We are delighted that the journal has continued to receive very high patronage with the rejection rate still standing at barely 20 percent despite the high number of articles received. Similarly, we are glad that since inception the journal has been published regularly.

We sincerely thank our reviewers for turning in the reviewed articles within stipulated time despite their busy schedules. We appreciate our contributors especially, for considering AJSD as a viable research publication outlet for their research work.

Click on the respective link below to download a copy of each chapter of this publication

Order of Paper

  1. Correlates of Poverty in Nigeria: An Analysis of Macroeconomic Objectives 1. EgunjobiCORRELATES OF POVERTY IN NIGERIA – revised (3) orig
  2. From Silent Spring to the Sustainable Development Goals: On the Development-Environment Nexus 2. IkporukpoFROM SILENT SPRING TO THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS
  3. Corruption, Democracy and Development: Lessons for Africa and Asia 3. Dhikru Corruption, Democracy and Development – Lessons for Africa and Asia
  4. Poverty Reduction and Inequality: Sustaining the Millennium Development Goals Achievements of Selected African Countries  4. Ganiyat_POV_GenderEquality reviewed by BT (Recovered)
  5. Boosting Non-Oil Revenue for Sustainable Development in Nigeria: Does Domestic Resource Mobilisation Matter?  5. Ibrahim AJSD VERSION
  6. Income Inequality, Health Expenditure and Outcomes in Nigeria 6. Orekoya Revised and paid Income Inequality and Health
  7. Impact of Inclusive Growth Determinants on Agricultural Output in Nigeria 7. Revisedpaid Enilolobo_AJSD_ISDS 2016 paper_ corrected version (2)
  8. Proximate and Some Physicochemical Properties of Yam Flour as a Function of Yam Tuber StorageMethods 8. Abiona Edited Final NEW PROXIMATE AND SOME PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF YAM FLOUR AS A FUNCTION OF YAM TUBER STORAGE METHODS (2)