AJSD Volume 5 Number 1 | 2015

It is our pleasure to announce the publication of the Volume 5 number 1 of the African Journal of Sustainable of Development. In this edition, we have published a total of fifteen interesting articles from diverse subjects ranging from economics, sociology, biodiversity, energy, waste management and climate change. A central theme of all the articles is sustainable development.

We are delighted that the journal has continued to receive very high patronage with the rejection rate still standing at barely 20 percent despite the high number of articles received. Similarly, we are glad that since inception the journal has been published regularly.

We sincerely thank our reviewers for turning in the reviewed articles within stipulated time despite their busy schedules. We appreciate our contributors especially, for considering AJSD as a viable research publication outlet for their research work.

Finally, we appreciate the financial support of the John D. and Catherine MacArthur Foundation, and the contribution of our collaborators and patrons.

Click on the respective link below to download a pdf copy of each chapter of this publication

Order of Paper

In Search of a Sustainable Economic Development Agenda in Ghana since Independence: the role of the IMF and the World Bank     Achanso A.S. & L. Kwoyiga  1 Adams & Lydia

Corruption, Government Expenditures and Economic Performance: Nigeria’s Experience in the New Democratic Era (1999-2012)    Aigheyisi Oziengbe Scott  2 AIGHEYISI

Contradictions of Ethnic Loyalty and the Quest for National Development in Nigeria: A Sociological Investigation      Adebayo Anthony Abayomi  3 Antony Abayomi

Agricultural Development in Rural Nigeria: A Review of Approaches     Ogundijo O.J. & F.A. Dodo  4 Ogundijo

Nigeria in the Dynamic World of Internet Facilities Usage and its Ripple Impact on Hospitality, Travel and Tourism    Olawuyi, O.S. & M.T. Adedara 5 OLAWUYI et al

Biodiversity Conservation, Tourism and Development in Okomu National Park, Edo State; Nigeria     Adeyemi, F C & A. Lameed  6 ADEYEMI, F C & A. LAMEED

Factors Influencing Indigenous Knowledge Data Elicitation from Herbal Medicinal Practitioners in South-Western Nigeria  Akinyemi, O.V. & W.M. Olatokun  7 Akinyemi

Attitudinal Perception of Local People towards Wildlife Conservation: A Case Study of Oban Sector, Cross-River National Park, Nigeria    Ilori S.O; G.A. Lameed & D.O. Aremu  8 ILORI

Sacred Groves, Spirituality and Sustainable Development in Northern Ghana    Kwoyiga Lydia  9 Kwoyiga

Garcinia Kola (Bitter Kola): Is it truly the Wonder Seed?   Owoola A. Labo-Popoola & Oluwatosin A. Adaramoye  10 Owoola

Design of a Solar Water Heating System for Kuti Hall, University of Ibadan, Ibadan   Odesola, I.F. & T.G. Omolaja 11 Odesola, I. F and Omolaja 2015 

Development of a Metal Kiln for the Production of Charcoal from Waste Wood    Odesola I.F., N. Ndekwu & E.O. Ige  12 Odesola_Ndekwu_Ige.CESDEV.final

Diffusion Modeling: A Study of the Diffusion of “Jatropha Curcas” Based Diesel Oil (Jacodiesel) in Adamawa State   Akpan I., J. S. Rishante & P. O. Obukoadata  13 AKPAN  

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Survey of Source-Separation of Solid Wastes among Workers of a Tertiary Institution in Nigeria   Elemile, O.O. G.R.E.E Ana & M.K.C Sridhar    14 Elemile Paper

Climate Change Communication Research: Trends and Implications    Oyedele Obasanjo Joseph  15 OBASANJO FINAL